Open Competitive Examination to fill the Vacancies of the Posts in Grade III of Sri Lanka Scientific Service in Department of Government Analysts 2015


The list of names of the applicants who are selected to appear at the interview to verify the qualifications on the results of the Open Competitive Examination, conducted by the Commissioner of Examinations on 13.02.2016 as per the recruitment notifications published on Part 1: para II (a) of the Gazette of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka No 1942 dated 20.11.2015 under Examinations, Examination Results, Etc. in order to fill the vacancies of the Posts in Grade III of Sri Lanka Scientific Service in the Department of Government Analysts, are given below.

         Rounded Rectangle: DownloadList of names of the Applicants


02. Letters of calling for the interview to the applicants whose name are mentioned in the list of names have already been sent and they are required to appear at the interview on the prescribed date on time with the relevant certificates and documents as per the instructions given by the above letter.


03. All the applicants who have applied for the post of Assistant Government Analyst of Questioned Documents with a degree in Information Technology as the educational qualification, prescribed for the above post are required to bring the G.E.C. A/L results sheet with two self-satisfied copies of the same


04. Accordingly, the vacancies of the posts shall be filled with the applicants who have satisfied relevant qualifications, on the order of the marks obtained at the Open Competitive Examination.


Text Box: Signed: J. Dadallage
Ministry of Public Administration and Management


R.M.N.E.K Ranasainghe


Scientific, Architects and Technological Services