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This facility allows Government / Semi-Government / Retired officers to book Circuit Bungalows managed by the Divisional Administration Division of the Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs.

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Online booking facility will be available from 1st August 2012.

This is how you can BOOK a Circuit:

The Booking Process includes 5 Steps.

Select a Circuit Bungalow and fill all the required details.

When you press “Confirm Request” Button at Step 4 of this procedure starting from now on, your Booking Request will be added to the database. At Step 5 you can get a printout of the Booking Request you just made.

Booking Request does NOT guarantee that you will get an actual booking. To get the actual booking, you must visit your nearest District Secretariat or the Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs and pay the appropriate fee.

A Booking Request only helps you to minimize booking time by eliminating the need to enter your data at the District Secretariat / Ministry.

If several persons have made Booking Requests for the same room(s) on the same day(s), the First-Come-First-Serve basis will apply.

You will be shown some rooms as “Already Booked”. This means that the Booking Fee has been paid for these rooms by another person and therefore they cannot be booked by you. However, the rooms for which the Booking Requests have been made, will still be shown as Available Rooms. After paying the Booking Fee, these rooms will also be shown as “Already Booked”.

Last Update: 07-10-2015.
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