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# Circular Name Circular Number Issued Date
1 Computer Test Relevant to the Efficiency bar Examination of the Officers in Grade III of Public Management Assistants’ Service 02/2017 2017-05-05
2 Reinstatement of Officers, who are not entitled to the exercise of political rights and have resigned from the Public Service to contest at elections 19/2016(I) 2017-04-25
3 Using the Finger Scanners to confirm the Arrival and Departure 03/2017(L) 2017-04-19
4 Scheduling and Preservation of Public Records under National Archives Law No. 48 of 1973 08/2017 2017-03-29
5 Extension of the period which had been granted by the Public Administration Circular 04/2006(I) dated 31.10.2013 for submission of appeals as per Public Administration Circular 04/2006 dated 16.02.2006 04/2006(II) 2017-03-27
6 No- Pay Leave for Female Public Officers who require to obtain Treatments for Sub Fertility 07/2017 2017-03-10
7 Revision of Salaries in Public Service – 2016 02/2017 2017-03-09
8 Payment of Incentive Allowances to Public Officers proficient in more than one language 01/2017 2017-03-08
9 Extension of the Age Limit of Compulsory Retirement of the Officers in Sri Lanka Engineering Service 06/2017 2017-03-08
10 Revision of Sub Section 26:3, Chapter XLVIII, Volume II of the Establishments Code 05/2017 2017-03-06

Last Update: 22-05-2017.
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