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# Circular Name Circular Number Issued Date
1 10/2016 2016-05-24
2 Revision of Section 11 Chapter XXIV of the Establishments Code Property Loans 09/2016 2016-05-20
3 Implementation of the Official Language Policy 01/2014 (III) 2016-05-16
4 Entitlement of Duty Leave for the Public Officers to Appear for the Examinations for Acquiring Proficiency in Other Official Languages 02/2016 2016-05-16
5 Establishment of a New Insurance Scheme (Agrahara) for Public Officers in Terms of the Budgetary Proposals for 2005 12/2005(VI) 2016-04-29
6 Celebration of State Vesak Festival - 2016 06/2016 2016-04-25
7 Implementation of the Service Minute of Development Officers 10/2012(II) 2016-04-06
8 Public Administration Circulars issued amending the provisions of the Establishments Code - 2015 08/2016 2016-04-06
9 Granting concessions for the officers in Grade III of Sri Lanka Administrative Service to pass the First Efficiency Bar Examination and for the officers in Grade II of Sri Lanka Administrative Service to pass Second efficiency Bar examination 10/2015 (II) 2016-04-04
10 Granting Permanent Appointments to the employees recruited on Temporary, Casual (on daily wages), Substitute, Contract or Relief Basis, as per Budget Proposals 2015 25/2014(II) 2016-04-04

Last Update: 24-05-2016.
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