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# Circular Name Circular Number Issued Date
1 A Pensioner’s Entitlement to Railway Warrants as per Section 1, Chapter XVI of the Establishments Code 25/2017 2017-09-21
2 Competitive Examination for Promotion to the Supra Grade of Public Management Assistants' Service on Merit – 2017 24/2017 2017-09-15
3 Annual Transfers of Officers in Supra Class of Public Management Assistants’ Service - 2018 23/2017 2017-09-15
4 Eligibility Test for Exemption from the Requirement of satisfying the Professional Qualifications for Absorption into Grade III, Class 3 of Sri Lanka Information and Communication Technology Service - 2017 05/2012(II) 2017-09-11
5 Pilot Project to Implement the Flexible Working Hours of the Government Offices in Battaramulla Area 22/2017 2017-09-06
6 Inclusion of New Provisions to Section 11, Chapter XXIV of the Establishments Code 20/2017 2017-08-31
7 Revision of the Letter of Appointment in relation to the Introduction of New Pension Scheme for Public Officers 21/2017 2017-08-25
8 Implementation of Development Officers’ Service Minute 10/2012(III) 2017-08-14
9 Attachment of Trainees to Public Institutions for Practical Training 04/2017(I) 2017-08-10
10 “Let us step forward with the mission, Let’s start ourselves – Join to eradicate dengue at national level” Combined Media Programme –Phase II (On 21.07.2017) 19/2017 2017-07-19

Last Update: 20-09-2017.
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