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# Circular Name Circular Number Issued Date
1 Issuing statements to the mass media 04/2015 2015-01-29
2 Prevention from engaging children below 14 years of age in employments and persons below 18 years of age in harmful employments 2/2014 2015-01-13
3 67th National Day Celebration – 2015 01/2015 2015-01-12
4 Payment of Interim Allowance to Public Sector Officers and Pensioners in Terms of the budget proposals -2015 24/2014(I) 2014-12-31
5 Payment of Compensation to Election Staff that Demise or Undergoes Injury or Impairment whilst on Election Duty 30/2014 2014-12-31
6 List of Public Administration Circulars issued in 2014 31/2014 2014-12-31
7 Provision of Property and Vehicle Loans for Public Officers through Banks 15_2007(ii) 2014-12-29
8 Special Advance to Public Officers 29/2014 2014-12-29
9 Granting Permanent Appointments to the employees recruited on Temporary, Casual (on daily wages), Substitute, Contract or Relief Basis, as per budget proposals 2015 25/2014(I) 2014-12-29
10 Insurance of Government Vehicles with the National Insurance Trust Fund 08/2014(L) 2014-12-26

Last Update: 28-01-2015.
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