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# Circular Name Circular Number Issued Date
1 Providing relief to complete Proficiency in Other Language, Tamil for the Officers in Grade III of Sri Lanka Administrative Service. 22/2016 2016-09-20
2 Payment of a Monthly Transport Allowance instead of providing Official Vehicles 05/2016 (I) 2016-09-07
3 Revision of Sub Section 12:1 Section 12 Chapter XII of the Establishments Code 21/2016 2016-08-30
4 Uniforms and Tailoring Fees for Drivers and Minor Staff Grades 03/2016 2016-08-29
5 Revision of Section 5 Chapter XIX of the Establishments Code Rent for the Occupation of Government Quarters 04/2016 2016-08-26
6 Revision of fees for translations, interpretations and typing 12/2003(III) 2016-08-22
7 Annual Transfer Scheme of the Officers in Sri Lanka Planning Service 20/2016 2016-08-15
8 Revision of Schedule of Sub Section 10:1 Chapter XV of the Establishments Code 18/2016 2016-08-10
9 Reinstatement of Officers, resigned from Public Service in Order to stand for Elections and who are not entitled to Political Rights, in Service 19/2016 2016-08-08
10 Revision of Salaries in Public Service – 2016 03/2016 (I) 2016-07-01

Last Update: 21-09-2016.
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