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# Circular Name Circular Number Issued Date
1 Promotion to Grade II of Public Management Assistants’ Service 01/2018 (Combined Services) 2018-03-06
2 Granting the Chartered Engineers’ Allowance to the Engineering Professionals in order to promote Public Sector Development Activities by way of recruiting Engineering Graduates to the Engineering Service 04/2018 2018-02-21
3 Official Transport Facilities for Public Officers/ Provincial Public Officers/ Judicial Officers 22/99 (XXXV) 2018-02-20
4 Re-employment of Retired Public Officers 03/2018 2018-02-20
5 Payment of a Special Allowance for Officers Holding Posts of Executive Service Category in the Public Service 18/2015(II) 2018-02-20
6 Providing Employment for the Disabled 01/2018 2018-02-09
7 Introduction of the Citizens’ / Clients’ Charter 05/2008(I) 2018-01-24
8 Development of Human Resources in Public Service 02/2018 2018-01-24
9 Implementation of the Service Minute of Sri Lanka Government Librarians’ Service 01/2018 2018-01-10
10 List of Public Administration Circulars issued in 2017 36/2017 2017-12-29

Last Update: 12-03-2018.
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