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# Circular Name Circular Number Issued Date
1 Non Annual Transfers of the Officers in Combined Service 2015/02 2015-03-04
2 Efficiency Bar Examination of the Officers in Class III of Public Management Assistants’ Service 01/2015 2015-03-03
3 Implementing the instructions in the Public Administration Circulars and Fulfilling the need of the General Public in a Courteous Way 01/2015(L) 2015-02-18
4 Public Administration Circulars issued amending the provisions of the Establishments Code - 2014 06/2015 2015-02-18
5 List of Names of Disciplinary Inquiry Officers under Sub-Section 19.5, Chapter XLVIII, Volume II of the Establishments Code 31/2001(X) 2015-02-12
6 Revision of the Allowances of Officers in Public Sector and Pensioners as per Budget Proposals 2015 05/2015 2015-02-11
7 Implementation of the Minute of Sri Lanka Information and Communication Technology 03/2015 2015-01-30
8 Issuing statements to the mass media 04/2015 2015-01-29
9 Prevention from engaging children below 14 years of age in employments and persons below 18 years of age in harmful employments 2/2014 2015-01-13
10 67th National Day Celebration – 2015 01/2015 2015-01-12

Last Update: 18-02-2015.
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