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# Circular Name Circular Number Issued Date
1 Revenue Estimates For Year 2020 For Revenue Code, Rent On Government Buildings & Housing 15/2019 2019-06-07
2 Submission of report on arrears of revenue for code “” – Rent on Government Buildings & Housing as at 30.06.2019 16/2019 2019-06-07
3 Revision of pension in accordance with Budget proposals 2019 14/2019 2019-05-31
4 Supply of Fuel for official Vehicles and Payment of overtime and Combined Allowance to Drivers of Such Vehicles 13/2008 (V) 2019-05-31
5 Widening the Opportunities of preventing the Fraudulent Payment of Pension for the Pensioners, who have demised 02/2019(L) 2019-05-30
6 Ensuring security in the office premises belonging to the government 13/2019 2019-05-29
7 Promotion to Special Class of Translators’ Service on seniority in accordance with the Minute on the Translators’ Service 12/2019 2019-05-21
8 Prohibition of using and selling of Betel, Tobacco and Areca nut related Products in the Premises of State Institutions 11/2019 2019-05-06
9 Granting of Special Leave during the Ramalan (Ramazan) Season 2019 10/2019 2019-05-03
10 Revision of Allowances in Public Service as per Budget Proposals 2019 09/2019 2019-04-22

Last Update: 14-06-2019.
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