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Sri Lanka Engineering Service Division


Contended Engineering Service to provide a better service to the country.


Management of engineers in the Public Service in terms of the minute of the Sri Lanka Engineering Service so as to receive the attention it deserves in order that a contended service will play its expected role in the service of the country.

Functions of the Directorate

Generally the following matters pertaining to engineers in the Public Service are dealt with by the directorate.

  • Appointment and Promotions
  • Resignation
  • Confirmation in appointment
  • Release to Statutory Boards, Corporations, Foreign Funded projects etc.
  • Transfer between ministries
  • Retirement
  • Extension of the period of probation
  • Disciplinary matters
  • Release for Scholarships and Trainings or for employment or study abroad
  • Representations by Trade Unions


  • The procedures adopted in the different departments were not uniform. As such, the Public Service Engineers suggested the formation of a separate service for Engineers, so that equal condition could be applied to all engineers in the Public service, Irrespective of the Department in which they served.
  • Before the Sri Lanka Engineering Service was centrally established on 01.10.1971, engineers required for the Public Service were recruited by the respective departments according to their needs.

Outcome - the Service Minute

  • The government after consultation with the unions concerned, approved the minute for the formation of the Ceylon Engineering Service with a Board constitute for the purpose of managing its affairs and a senior Class I engineer to function as the Executive Director to advise the Board.
  • The minute on the Ceylon was published in the Ceylon Government Gazette (Extraordinary) No. 15001/8 of Tuesday, March 14, 1972 (By the secretary, Public Service Commission) and the Ceylon Engineering Service was established on 1 of October 1971.

Management of the Service

  • In terms of the minute of the SLES the board consists of three members of whom one is the secretary of the Ministry of Public Administration, and the other two are senior charted engineers, who do not belong to SLES appointed by the Minister in charge of the subject of Public Administration. This board is named as the Engineering Service Board. The Sri Lanka Engineering Service is one of the all island parallel services under the purview of the Ministry of Public Administration. The appointing and disciplinary authority for engineers is the Public Service Commission.

The Structure of the Sri Lanka Engineering Service

The Sri Lanka Engineering Service, as at present, consists of 10 different groups classified according to the engineering disciplines – 6 Civil, 2 mechanical and 2 electrical (Light and heavy current) which are appended to the minute.

  • The Total Carder of Engineers as at present stands at 1156.

Organize Structure

New Consolidate Salary Scales

The revised salary scale in respect each Class / Grade are given below.

  • Class I (Rs.36, 755.00)
  • Class II Grade I (Rs.30, 175.00)
  • Class II Grade II (Rs. 29, 935.00 –10 x 645- 8x 799 – 17 x 1050 – Rs. 53,555 )

The first and second Efficiency Bars are due before reaching the salary steps of Rs 24,870.00 and Rs. 26,805.00 Per month respectively in the Class II Grade II salary scale.

The EB Examinations

1st EB

  • Accounting Procedure
  • Department rules and regulations
  • Administration Procedure
  • Sinhala / Tamil Oral

2nd EB

  • Professional qualification which consist of election to corporate membership of a recognized professional body or institution granting the charter.

An engineer who is appointed with full professional qualifications will be placed on the salary step of Rs 26,805.00 per month in the Class II Grade II salary scale, but he will be required to pass the prescribed examination relevant to the 1st EB with in two years from the date of his appointment.

Appointments and Promotions

  • Direct appointments are made from those with a Degree in engineering or equivalent qualification, to fill vacancies in Class II Grade II of the service. Apart from such recruitment there is provision to fill 25% of the recruitment grade by appointment on promotion of the Technological Service officers in accordance with the approved scheme of Recruitment and Promotion.
  • If with in 10 years of satisfactory service as an engineer in Class II Grade II passes the 1st EB and obtain full professional qualification he is promoted to Class II Grade I from the date he complete 10 year satisfactory service.
  • The vacancies in Class I are filled by promotion of engineers in Class II Grade I on the occurrence of vacancies in the respective groups primarily on merit and seniority is a secondary consideration.

Head of the Department

Tel : +94 11-2698268 (Extension- 159)
Fax : +94 11-2698268
Email : desb[at]



Mrs. O.V. Mapatunage
Assistant Director
Tel   : +94 11-2694035 (Extension- 140)
Fax  : +94 11-2698268
E-mail : ad-eng[at]

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