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Pension Division


Carrying out the tasks entrusted to the Secretary, Public Administration under the Pension Minute, formulating policy matters with regard to pensions, taking action with regard to the requests made by the pensioners and associations of pensioners and coordinating the establishments activities of the Department of Pension are carried out by the Pensions Division.

This division functions under the supervision of the Additional Secretary (Public Administration) and the Assistant Secretary (Pensions) acts as the immediate supervising officer. In addition, a post of Administration Officer is also available in this division.


"A satisfied community of pensioners"


"Removal of pension anomalies, reformation of existing policies and ensuring the formulation of new policies for the upliftment of the living standards of the pensioners"

Organization Structure




  • Issuing the orders of the Secretary, Public Administration with regard to the pensions, carrying out the said activities promptly when required.
  • Issuing the instructions with regard to the removal of pension anomalies with the objective of uplifting the living standards of the pensioners.
  • Assisting the activities of the Department of Pensions as required.
  • Supervising and coordinating the activities of the Department of Pensions.
  • Revising and updating the policies as required in order to make sure that the payment of pensions is carried out in a fair manner.


  • Investigating the grievances and complaints submitted by the pensioners and their unions and taking action to solve the issues by coordinating with the relevant institutions as required.
  • Sending replies to the issues with regard to pensions in arrears, transfer of pensions, unclaimed pensions.
  • Informing the decisions of the Secretary, with regard to the payment of the pensions to the public officers who are sent on retirement under Section 12 and 15, to the relevant institutions.
  • Activities relevant to performing of other functions assigned to the Secretary, Public Administration by the Pension Minute.
  • Carrying out the activities relevant to the revision of various Acts and Ordinances in relation to the Pension Minute and pensions.
  • Coordinating with all the relevant institutions and officers in performing the functions relevant to the pensions.

Acts and circulars in relation to pensions

  • Pension Minute and its revisions
  • Widows’ and Orphans’ Act No. 01 of 1989 and the amendments made to the same
  • Widowers’ and Orphans’ Act No. 24 of 1983 and the amendments made to the same
  • Procedural Rules of Public Service Commission
  • Section 33 of 36 of Chapter XLVIII of the Establishments Code
  • All the Pensions Circulars
  • Public Administration Circulars in relation to pensions
  • Widows’ and Orphans’ Pension Scheme (Armed Forces) Act No. 18 of 1970
  • Armed Forces Pensions Act

Public Administration Circulars on pensions can be obtained from the part of the website, which contains circulars and the circulars issued by the Department of Pensions can be obtained from the website of the Department of Pensions


Contact Details

Mrs. B.P.P.S. Abeygunarathne
Additional Secretary
Tel   : +94 11 2691044 (Inter com - 700)
Fax  : +94 11 2693546
E-mail : adsecpa[at]



Mrs. A.G.N.P. Karunarathne
Assistant Secretary
Tel   : +94-11 2682460 (Inter com - 703)
Fax  : +94 11 2693546
E-mail : asp[at]



Mrs. R.P.D.T.S. Kodikara
Administrative Officer
Tel   : +94-11 2691032 (Inter com - 704)
Fax  :+94 11 2693546
E-mail : ao-ard[at]

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