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Establishments Division

The Head of the Department of the Establishments Division, which is treated as a separate Department under the Ministry of Public Administration and Management, is the director General. Establishments Division consists of seven units and Unit I, II, IV and VII out of them are under the supervision of Director of Establishments (I). In the meantime, Unit III, V and VI are supervised by the Director of Establishments (II). Each unit of the division is under an Assistant Director of Establishments.

Establishments Division provides assistance to the government for the formulation of policies regarding public servants and ensuring the proper maintenance of public service whilst making interpretations to the provisions of the Establishments Code and the provisions circulars issued by the Ministry of Public Administration and Management.


A qualitative public service through accurate


Proper implementation of administrative provisions and regulations paying special concern to the justice, uniformity and efficiency with a view to establish an efficient and motivated public service


  • Redesigning of public management policies focused clearly on development for the public service and its management.
  • Establishment of a mechanism on public administration based on good governance policies of public service.

Organization Structure


Director General of Establishments

Mr. H.A. Chandana Kumarasingha (Act.)
Tel : +94 11 2688330 (Ext - 300)
Fax : +94 11 2692158
e-mail : dge[at]



Role of the Director General of Establishments

  • Provision of services in respect of establishment activities to public officers, ministries of the government/department/ public institutions/ parties interested on public services and recognized trade unions.
  • Preparation of draft Cabinet Memorandums in relation to establishment activities fallen under the scope of Ministry of Public Administration, taking further actions on Cabinet decisions, making observations on Cabinet Memorandums.
  • Taking actions in collaboration with Public Service Commission, General Treasury, Department of Management Services, Department of the Attorney General, Parliamentary sub Committees and other Ministries in administrative activities.
  • Making observations regarding Establishments Code and relevant Public Administrations Circulars.
  • Making of policies relevant to public service.
  • Provision of guidelines to officers in policy making.
  • Making of policies at national level on establishment activities and defining.


Director of Establishments I

Mrs. W.M.S.K. Weerasekara
Tel : +94 11 2693374 (Ext - 302)
Fax : +94 11 2692158
e-mail : de-i[at]




  • Making of policies relevant to public service under the supervision of the Director General of Establishments.
  • Providing directions to the officers in policy making.
  • Common administration in Establishments Division.
  • Assisting Director General of Establishments in the management of division ensuring optimum cooperation of the staff.
  • Supervision of the functions of Unit 1, 2, 4 and 7


Director of Establishments II

Mr. U.A.S.H. Sisira Kumara
Tel : +94 11 2682521 (Ext - 301)
Fax : +94 11 2692158
e-mail : de-ii[at]




  • Making of policies at national level on establishment activities and defining
  • Providing directions to the officers in the preparation of such policies
  • Assisting Director General of Establishments in the management of division ensuring optimum cooperation of the staff
  • Supervision of the functions of Unit, 3,5 and 6


Assistant Director of Establishments (Unit I)

Tel : +94 11 2662340 (Ext - 284)
Fax : +94 11 2692158
e-mail : ade-i[at]




  • Administrative Activities of the Establishments Division
  • Preparation of observations for the cabinet memorandums of other units
  • Maintenance and Reservation of Holiday Resorts
  • Research training and development activities
  • Coordinating trade unions
  • Co-ordination of the revisions made to establishments code
  • Activities related to closed departments
  • Conducting surveys on public service and collection of data
  • Implementation of productivity development programme


Assistant Director of Establishments (Unit II)

Mrs. S.A.N.M. Siriwardhana
Tel : +94 11 2693886 (Ext - 305)
Fax : +94 11 2692158
e-mail : ade-ii[at]




  • Policies for recruitment to public service/ promotions
  • Providing recommendation for recruitment procedures. Promotion procedures/ revised recruitment procedures/ recruitment procedures of Technological Service and Scientific Service
  • Inquiries with regard to posts to be scheduled as pensionable posts
  • Implementing Official Language Policy
  • Making certificates equivalent
  • Activities related to recruitment procedures approved in line with 1962-V sessional reports


Assistant Director of Establishments (Unit III)

Mrs. G.I.D.C. Wijesinghe
Tel : +94 11 2692159 (Ext - 307)
Fax : +94 11 2692158
e-mail : ade-iii[at]




  • General conduct and disciplinary action of Public Officers
  • Maintaining Black List
  • Maintaining the list of Inquiry Officers
  • Policies regarding to public officers engaging in services outside the public service
  • Issues on sending n retirement
  • Vacation of Service
  • Resignation from Service
  • Issues on Service Extensions
  • Language allowances
  • Political Rights
  • Disputes related to profession (Political victimization)


Deputy Director of Establishments (Unit IV)

Mr. C.P.U. Hettiarachchi
Tel : +94 11 2696478 (Ext - 309)
Fax : +94 11 2692158
e-mail : ade-iv[at]




  • Preparation, revision and definition of service minutes
  • Activities relating to the staff of Hon. Ministers
  • Minute of the Secretaries
  • Policies with regard to confirmation of casual/substitute employees and related issues
  • Activities relating to skilled labourer grades (sessional report 5)
  • Reemployment of retirees
  • Assistant Secretaries who are not in Sri Lanka Administrative Service


Assistant Director of Establishments (Unit V)

Mr. D.M.C. Nalaka Dissanayake
Tel : +94 11 2673330 (Ext - 311)
Fax : +94 11 2692158
e-mail : ade-v[at]




  • Formulation of salary policies
  • General revisions on salaries
  • Preparation of salary structures
  • Activities relating to salary anomalies
  • Cost of living allowance
  • Allowances for acting and performing duties in the post
  • Efficiency bars
  • Appointments/ promotions/ antedating
  • Determining the seniority
  • Issues with regard to under employed graduates
  • Confirmation of service / requests on probation period and related issues


Assistant Director of Establishment (Unit VI)

Mr. A.D.I. Mendis
Tel : +94 11 2699399 (Ext - 315)
Fax : +94 11 2692158
e-mail : ade-vi[at]




  • Leave
  • Travelling expenses
  • Policies on official vehicles
  • Concessionary railway season tickets
  • Office hours
  • Agreements and bonds
  • Agrahara Insurance Policies
  • Loan schemes for public employees
  • Government quarters and holiday resorts
  • Official telephones/ mobile phones
  • Transfer policies
  • Policies of medical boards
  • Releasing for trade unions
  • Releasing for posts outside public service


Assistant Director of Establishment (Unit VII)

Mrs. R.M.S. Rathnayaka
Tel : +94 11 2697233 (Ext - 317)
Fax : +94 11 2692158
e-mail : ade-vii[at]




  • Activities relating to allowances for the additional services carried out by the public officers for the government
  • Policies with regard to overtime allowances
  • Policies with regard to holiday pay
  • Activities relating to compensation for accidents as per public Administration Circular 22/93
  • Policies on uniforms
  • Policies relating to various payments


Administrative Officer

Tel : +94 11 2693316 (Ext - 303)
Fax : +94 11 2692158
e-mail : ao-est[at]




  • General administration of the Establishments Division
  • Formal distribution of daily mail
  • Control of the inventory of the Establishments Division
  • Supervision of pool vehicle allocated for the division
  • Granting approval for obtaining office equipment and stationary
  • Coordination of sending observations for Cabinet Memorandums
  • Coordination of productivity development programmes
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