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Investigation, Research and Monitoring Division


"Reality through Third Eye"

This unit has been established in order to investigate and submit recommendations with regard to the complaints related to the Ministry of Public Administration & Management and institutions under the Ministry.


Investigation, Research and Monitoring Unit of the Ministry of Public Administration and Management is that functions efficiently and effectively to eliminates corruption and malpractices in the public sector of Sri Lanka.


Taking measures against corruption and malpractices, providing instruction, submitting proposals and recommendations, to ensure the maintenance of the required institutional structure for good governance in the public service.

Operational activities

  • Investigation

    Integrated with this Ministry/About an officer of the island wide service

    • Receive a complaint (Head of the institution / through the public/ Written /Oral)
    • Determining to conduct a preliminary investigation / not taking action
    • Nomination of an investigation officer /appointing officers
    • Issuing a formal appointment letter to the designated officers
    • Commencement of the investigation (Recording the statement, Examine the station)
    • Preparing the preliminary investigation report at the end of the investigation
    • Submission of the investigation report to the appointing authority
  • Research
    • Identification of subject to research (Suggestions from staff, outsourced requests, institutional and research issues)
    • Nomination of officers
    • Pilot study on the scope of research
    • Determining Data Collection Method for Research (Questionnaire, interviews, case studies)
    • Collecting data using the identified method
    • Analyzing the data collected
    • Prepare and submit the research results report using the analyzed data
  • Monitoring
    • Considering the progress of ongoing investigations
    • Maintaining continuous contacts with the Coordinating Officers appointed by the relevant institutions to ensure that the inquiry process is efficient and productive.
    • Conduct follow up visits to get reports immediately when reports are called in regarding the reports received from outside institutions.
    • Follow up action taken by the Ministry when the complaint is sent to the Ministry concerned and sent to the relevant Ministry.

Organization Structure

Contact Information

Mrs. B.M.M.M. Basnayaka
Additional Secretary (Investigation and Monitoring)
Tel: +94 11 2676433 (Extension - 165)
Fax: +94 11 2698429
e-mail: adsecinv[at]



Mrs. K.G.S Lakmali
Senior Assistant Secretary
Tel: +94 11 3091295 (Extension - 285)
Fax: +94 11 2683132
e-mail: sas-investi[at]



Mr. S.M.S.D. Gunasinghe
Assistant Secretary
Tel: +94 11 5657857 (Extension - 276)
Fax: +94 11 2683132
e-mail: as-investi2[at]



Mr. J.W.S. Priyanjan
Assistant Secretary
Tel: +94 11 2684223 (Extension - 167)
Fax: +94 11 2683132
e-mail: as-investi[at]



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