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Finance Division


To be the excellent manager of public finance.


To achieve short term and long term goals of the institution safeguarding and managing resources of the state in a productive and transparent way and ensuring the accountability on public finance with sound financial reporting.

Theme of the Finance Division

Delighted customer through productive service


  • Submission of financial reports before due dates.
  • Minimizing the time taken in payment process by way of streamlining the process.
  • Utilization of annual budget provisions by 100%.
  • Reduction of the number of audit queries received by the Ministry by 50%.
  • Elimination of mistakes and omissions (by 100%).
  • Ensuring the protection and maintenance of assets with the application of computerized system.


  • Preparation of financial plan and control over budget.
  • Implementation of financial policies in accordance with the provisions of laws, rules, regulations and circulars on financial management.
  • Performance of the activities in relation to procurement, maintenance and protection of assets.
  • Preparation and submission of annual financial reports, management reports and performance reports.
  • Making payments in relation to recurrent and capital expenditure.
  • Maintaining the advance B account of public officers within the prescribed limits and submission of annual reconciliation reports.
  • Maintaining database systems and Preparation of work manuals check lists and standard formats in order to formalize the processes relevant to the financial activities and to facilitate the decision making.

Credit Values

  • Efficiency + Effectiveness
  • Team Sprit
  • Customer Respect
  • Openness and Transparency
  • 100% Accuracy

Cadre Composition

Post Approved Cadre Actual number of employees
Chief Finance Officer 01 01
Chief Accountant 01 01
Accountant 02 02
Administrative Officer 01 01
Development Officer 12 06
Public Management Assistant 40 37
KKS 07 05
Driver 02 02
Total 66 55


Main units of Financial Division

Taking action to procure goods, services and other works according to the procurement plan ensuring effective utilization of provisions made in the annual budget estimate for acquisition of goods and services.

The procurement unit consists of the Head of the unit and six Public Management Assistants to carry out the functions of the subject under the supervision of Chief Accountant (Public Administration).

Main functions

  • Preparation of procurement plan for the Ministry.
  • Carrying out purchases following due procurement methodologies.
  • Appointment of annual procurement committees and technical evaluation committees.
  • Store management.
  • Assets management.
  • Supervision of Financial Division.

Preparation of annual budget estimates and all other financial reports in relation to the Ministry.

Financial reporting unit consists of the Head of unit, two Development Officers, nine Public Management Assistants on the subjects and one female KKS under the supervision of Accountant (Financial Reporting)

Main functions

  • Preparation of annual budget estimates of the Ministry.
  • Preparation of appropriate account and account on accrued basis.
  • Preparation of annual performance report and annual account reports.
  • Preparation and submission of annual account on the house rent for government building under revenue head, submission of the by annual reports on income in arrears, preparation of revenue estimates, supervision of the collection of house rents.
  • Furnishing answers to the audit queries raised and taking actions to the inquiries made by the public accounts committee.
  • Maintenance of fixed assets registers with required updation.
  • Supervision of financial activities of the Department of Pensions and Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration.
  • Activities in relation to the damages and write off of assets.

Since the Secretary of the Ministry of Public Administration and Management is entrusted with the responsibility as the accounting officer on the income of house rent from government buildings under revenue head from 01.01.2015, the following activities are performed by this unit in relation to the income on house rent for government buildings.

  • Preparation of revenue estimates.
  • Collection of revenue.
  • Preparation of revenue account.
  • Making recommendations to write off / refund from the revenue.
  • Supervision of the activities in relation to the collection of revenue in arrears.
  • Collection of information on government buildings.

The activities related to preparation of monthly salaries of all the officers working in the Ministry and checking of overtime / holiday payment vouchers, are carried out by this unit.

Human Resources Payment Unit consists of the Head of unit, two Development Officers and five Public Management Assistants on the subjects and one female KKS under the supervision of Accountant (Payment)

Main functions

  • Preparation of the salaries of the staff of the Ministry.
  • Calculation & Checking of overtime and other allowances and overtime entitled to the staff and submission of them for the payment after verification.
  • Payment of loans to the officers in relation to the advance B account of public officers.
  • Preparation of advance B account of public officers as per FR 506 D
  • Submission of monthly pension and gratuity of retired officers to divisional secretariats after calculations.
  • Providing information regarding the recovery of contribution to Public Servants’ Provident Fund to the Department of Pensions.

The main functions of this unit are making payments connected to recurrent and capital expenditure, accounting of revenue and the submission of monthly reports to the General Treasury in respect of revenue and expenditure. In the meantime the unit carries out the functions such as operating official bank accounts of the Ministry and maintenance of expenditure leger, Treasury impress account and deposit account.

Payment Unit consists of the Head of unit, three Development Officers, seven Public Management Assistants on the subjects and one female KKS under the supervision of Accountant (Payment).

Main functions

  • All payment activities connecting to capital and recurrent expenditure of the Ministry.
  • Implementation of CIGAS computer program and submission of monthly account summary.
  • Maintenance of cash book.
  • Maintenance of expenditure leger.
  • Maintenance of Shroff unit for activities relating to receipts and payments.
  • Maintenance of general deposit account.
  • Preparation of bank reconciliation reports and monthly accounts reconciliation reports.


  • Letter of Guidelines on assessing, collecting, supervising and reporting public revenue, Rent on Government Building & Housing ( - - 2015.05.22
  • Submission of Monthly Revenue Reports (Rent on Government Building & Housing ( - - 2015.05.25


Contact Details


Mr. Ravindra J. Wimalaweera
Chief Financial Officer
Tel - +94 11 2695682 (Ext- 400)
Fax - +94 11 2698664
Email - cfo[at]



Mrs. A.H.M.K.K.A. Herath
Chief Accountant (Public Administration)
Tel - +94 11 2682520 (Ext- 408)
Fax - +94 11 2683131
Email - ca[at]



Mr. A.B. JeyaKumar
Accountant (Financial Reporting)
Tel - +94 11 2695723 (Ext- 410)
Fax - +94 11 2695723
Email - acct-repo[at]



Mr. L.L.S. Sanjeewa
Accountant (Payment)
Tel - +94 11 2688651 (Ext - 406)
Fax - +94 11 2695723
Email - acct-pay[at]



Mrs. W. Asoka Nandasiri
Administrative Officer
Tel - +94 11 2697860 (Ext - 414)
Fax - +94 11 2683131
Email - ao-fin[at]

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