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Internal Audit Division

Internal Audit Division of the Ministry of Public Administration and Management is functioned under a Chief Internal Auditor who is directory responsible to the Secretary of the Ministry as per FR. 133. It consists of an approved cadre of 12 Internal Auditors, an Office Employees and a Driver.

The responsibility of conducting internal audit in relation to the Ministry of Public Administration and Management and the Department of Pensions, Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration, National Productivity Secretariat, Public Management Reforms and Public Relations Division, Department of Government Printing, State Printing Corporation, National Film Corporation,which are under the Ministry and foreign projects implemented under the Ministry, is vested in the Internal Audit Division. In addition, special inquiries are conducted by the Internal Audit Division on the requirement.


“Establishment of a public service with good governance for the progress of the nation”


To take action to ensure proper management of public resources whilst maintaining good governance by way of making continuous survey and independent evaluation on the adequacy and formality of the internal inspection applied to avoid and reveal the frauds and malpractices observed in the internal administration system on financial activities carried out by the Ministry and the Departments/ Institutions governed under the Ministry.

Our Functions

  • Special attention is paid for the following tasks as mentioned in FR. 133 when performing internal audit activities of the institutions which are under the supervision of the Ministry.
  • To verify whether the internal inspection and administrative system operated within the Department/ Institution in order to avoid frauds and malpractices is successful in its activities and in the aspect planning.
  • Confirming the credibility of the accounts and other reports and examining whether the required information is provided by the accounting system applied for the purpose of preparing correct financial statements.
  • Evaluation of the quality of the performance of the staff of the institution in the performance of their duties and responsibilities.
  • Verifying as to what extent the assets of the Department/ Institution are protected from the possible damages.
  • Verifying whether the Establishment Code, Financial Regulations of the Government, Circulars and other instructions issued from time to time by the General Treasury and the Ministry in charge of the subject of public administration are followed properly.
  • Verifying the adequacy of the internal administrative system applied to avoid as well as review the wastage, useless and over expenses.
  • Inspection on the account procedure of the Department and the operations which causes certain expenses and verifying as to whether the properties and assets of the Department are utilized efficiently and economically.
  • Conducting special investigations wherever necessary.
  • Carrying out system analysis and performance analysis in order to ensure productive performance.
  • Taking action as per the instructions and guidelines issued from time to time by Department of Management Audit, conducting the meetings of the Audit and Management Committee of the Ministry once in every three months, taking follow up action to verify the progress in the implementation of the decisions taken at such meetings are also fallen under the scope of this division.

Organization Structure

Head of the Division

Mrs. O. P. R. Damayanthi
Chief Internal Auditor
Telephone : +94 11 2667171 (Extension - 134)
Fax : +94 11 2667171
Email : cia[at]



Internal Audit Division

Telephone : +94 11 2667171 (Extension - 135)
Fax : +94 11 2667171

It is located at the first floor of the building adjacent to the main building of the Ministry of Public Administration and Management located at Independence Square, Colombo 07.

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