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Public Management Assistant Service

Cadre - 35500


Recruitment to Class III of the Public Management Assistants’ is made purely from those who become qualified at an interview for verification of qualifications on the basis of the results of a competitive examination conducted by the Commissioner General of Examination on behalf of Director General of Combined Services. 70% of the total vacancies is recruited on the basis of open stream and more than 30% on limited basis.


The method of application shall be published in the government Gazette by an exam notification

Minimum Qualifications for the Service

  • Open Stream – Shall  be a citizen of Sri Lanka, Be not below 18 years and not above 30 years of age on the last day of the month preceding the month in which the closing date for applications falls, shall be of an excellent character, Minimum educational qualification – shall pass G.C.E. (O/L)  in six subjects and have obtained credit passes for Sinhala/ Tamil/ English language, Mathematics, and two other subjects at in one sitting. Shall pass all the subjects is G.C.E. (A/L) except General Paper. (shall pass 03 subjects in the old syllabus)
  • Limited Stream – Shall be a permanent junior employee in the public service and shall have completed at least a continuous and satisfactory service of 05 years immediately preceding the prescribed date, which fact shall be certified by the Head of the Department and the junior employees who have been confirmed in the post before 26.11.2001 shall pass G.C.E. (O/L) examination with six subjects including Language/Literature and Mathematics


Service Minute

Minute of the Public management Assistants’ Service - No - 1840/34 - 2013.12.11 - [217 KB]

Previous service minutes

Minute of the Public management Assistants’ Service - No - 1372/23 - 2004.12.24 - [223 KB]
Service minute amendment - No 01 - No 1462/25 - 2006.09.14 - [118 KB]
Service minute amendment - No 02 - No 1529/7 - 2007.12.24 - [43 KB]
Service minute amendment - No 03 - No 1681/29 - 2010.11.23 - [ 63 KB ]
General Shroffs' Service Minute - No. 14842 - 1969.02.21 -
General Clerical Service Minute - No. 14977/9 - 1971.09.29 -
Government Stenographers’ Service - No. 15011 - 1972.05.19 -
Government Typists’ Service Minute - No. 15011/2 - 1972.05.20 -
Government Book Keepers’ Service Minute - No. 65 - 1979.11.30 -
Store Keepers’ Service Minute - No. 301/2 - 1984.06.11 -

Circulars on Efficiency bar Examinations

Circulars on Service Minutes

Circulars on salary issues

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