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Sri Lanka Accountants Service

“Self Governed Accountants’ Service” for efficient and effective financial management with a view to ensure the accountability and responsibility maintaining the transparency of financial management at the maximum level, all the policies stipulated by the Cabinet of Ministers and Public Service Commission in relation to the Sri Lanka Accountants’ Service are implemented by Sri Lanka Accountants’ Service Division in order to create a competent professional with inherent initiatives.

History of the Accountants’ Service

According to the historical evidences, Sri Lanka Accountants’ Service has been established in 1946 according to the necessity for establishing accounting methods as the scope of the subject and activities relating to advance accounts have been increased during second world war. Then the service has reached the present situation facing various changes in its evolution. During this evolution, the administrative centre of the service has also been changed from time to time.

Accordingly, the Sri Lanka Accountants’ Service Division which was under the Ministry of Finance was brought under the Ministry of Public Administration and Management on 18.06.2015. Since then, Sri Lanka Accountants’ Service is governed under the Ministry of Public Administration and Management.

The officers of Sri Lanka Accountants’ Service, which is treated as an all Island Service, are serving all over the Island. Accordingly, the main responsibility of Accountants’ Service Division of the Ministry of Public Administration and Management to enrich the service with self governed, prudent and skilled professionals. In order to achieve this goal, it is expected to carry out following training and development activities.

  • Development of attitudes by way of directing the accountants to achieve self control as they are the key of financial management. (Under SLIDA or other institution)
  • Inculcating attitudes and providing knowledge to the officers, which is required to work with dignity minimizing disciplinary issues.
  • Identification of the skills required for an officer in Sri Lanka Accountants’ Service and directing the officers for foreign and local training to achieve such skills.
  • Directing Accountants to capacity building programmes identifying the timely requirement.
  • To motivate the Accountants to carry out researches on correct financial forecasts since they are highly important to make development tasks a success and further to build a research basis and application of the results of such researches.
  • Formulation of strategies to develop Accountants to the level of professionals.

Number of officers in Accountants’ Service at present


Number of officers

Number of officers

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Service Minute and relevant circulars

  • Existing service minute


Contact Details

Mrs. R.K.G.D.K. Wijesinghe (Act.)
Tel : +94 11 2698672 (Extension– 280)
Fax : +94 11 2698672
Email : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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