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Housing and Development


Shelter for needy public servants.


Assuring proper maintenance and appropriate usage with fair distribution of housing facilities for public servants and people representatives.


  • Making policies and regulations for management of housing unit coming under the Ministry.
  • Maintaining housing units and its environment in a proper manner.
  • Exploiting  public and private resources of housing requirements
  • Initiating legal action against unauthorized occupants.
  • Identification of out potential resources which are usable to launch housing projects to provide housing facilities to government servants.

Key activities

  • Allocation of houses according to the priority basis
  • Collect the rental up to date and coordination of collecting rental by other Public institutions.
  • Performance and supervision of annual maintenance and repairs of Government quarters.
  • Having inspection and control over unauthorized or legal activities.
  • Taking legal actions under No 7 of 1969 recovery of possession Act to minimize illegal usage of the government houses.
  • Implement housing projects in order to provide housing needs time to time.

Locations of the Government Quarters Belonging to the Ministry

  • Wijerama Mawatha
  • Baudhaloka Mawatha
  • Keppetipola Mawatha
  • Mackency Road
  • Pajet Road
  • Jayawadanagama
  • Gregory Mawatha
  • Malalasekara Mawatha
  • Skelton Road
  • Stanmore Crescent
  • Kota Road

What is a Government Quarters

The term “Government Quarters” includes any type of accommodation at the disposal of the Government and allocated for the purpose of residence. All Government Quarters fall under the classification “Scheduled Quarters” or “General Service Quarters”.

  • Scheduled Quarters- a residence assigned to a particular post or grade within a “Ministry” or a Department.
  • General Service Quarters - Quarters which are not Scheduled Quarters

Regulations for the Government Quarters

The terms & conditions regarding the Government houses are included in chapter XIX of Establishments Code & 19/2001, 19/2001(i), 22/2006, 27/2010 Public Administration circular.

Allocation of Government houses to public officers.

  1. Only the officers who are registered in the waiting list would be considered for the allocation of Government houses
  2. Government officers who are included in the waiting list should have satisfied following requirements in addition to the provisions in chapter XIX of the Establishment Code.
    • Holding a permanent post in the public service.
    • Not having ownership of any house situated within a radius of 20 kilometers from his office or not having obtained a loan from the government or any other approved bank to purchase/construct a house or buy a property in the name of the applicant, spouse or a dependent child.
    • Having the recommendation of Secretary of the respective Ministry that the applicant requires a government bungalow
    • Having not reached the optional age of retirement (55 years).
  3. A Government quarters is allocated for a public officer for a maximum period of 5 years.

Rent of the Government Houses

  • 12 1/2 % of the occupant's monthly salary,

Maintenance of Government Houses:

  • Maintenance of Government houses is done by the department of Buildings expects bungalow houses allocated for the Hon ministries /Departments under the supervision of the Ministry /Department.
  • Houses which are allocated for the Hon Ministers / Deputy Ministers are maintained by the respective ministry.


  • If an officer fails to vacate the quarters when ordered by the legal authority, he/she subject should be evicted under the Government Quarters (Recovery of Possession) Act., No. 7 of 1969, as amended by Act No. 3 of 1971, Act No. 40 of 1974, Act No. 8 of 1981, Act No. 45 of 1985 and any other amendments made from time to time.
  • Occupant is subjected to be charged for the period he/she overstayed his tenure, a penal rent which shall be a sum equivalent to the current open market rent of the quarters as assessed by the Chief Valour plus eight percent (8%) of the officer’s salary.

New Housing Projects “NILA SEWANA”

  • According to the Agreement 25000 of houses are proposed to construct district wise
  • Out of them 70% to be sold & 30% to be allocated by rental basis.

  • 4 Storied Housing Complex –   Units  192
  • 12 Storied Housing Complex – Units  320
  • Progress 80%
  • Land used acres

Cost of houses

Type of Houses Rate (1 unit)
For Government Officers For Non Government Officers
Low Cost Rs. 1,980,000.00 Rs. 2,102,787.00
Middle Cost Rs. 3,550,000.00 Rs. 3,749,022.00

  • 4 Storied Housing Complex –   Units  192
  • 12 Storied  Housing Complex – Units  384
  • Progress -  95%
  • Land use acres - 13.5

Cost of houses

Type of Houses Rate (1 unit)
For Government Officers For Non Government Officers
Middle Cost Rs. 3,550,000.00 Rs. 3,675,079.00
High Cost Rs. 4,300,000.00 Rs. 4,451,828.00

  • 4 Storied Housing Complex –   Units  288
  • 12 Storied Housing Complex – Units  576
  • Still not start construction
  • Proposed land use acres 10.71

  • It is proposed to demolish present old houses & construct new housing complex.
  • Proposed houses  132  (20 storied) Still not start construction

Relevant Circulars

  1. Policy for Government Bungalows in Colombo District (19/2001) Dated 26-07-2001
  2. Policy for Government Bungalows in Colombo District (19/2001(1) Dated 15-11-2001
  3. Recovery of rental for the Government quarters allocated for Hon. Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Members of Parliament, (22/2006) Dated 26-04-2007
  4. Allocation of providing residential facilities to Hon. Ministers & Deputy Ministers who have not been provided by Government (10/2007) Dated 09-05-2007
  5. Allocation of providing residential facilities to Hon. Ministers & Deputy Ministers who have not been provided by  Government (10/2007(i) Dated 26-02-2009
  6. Entrusting the maintenance of Government Quarters, allocated for the occupation of Hon. Cabinet Ministers and Deputy Ministers (27/2010) Dated 27-12-2010


Contact Information

Mr. Shantha Weerasinghe
Senior Assistant Secretary
Telephone: +94-11 2692633 (Extension - 205)
Residence: +94 11 23159051
Mobile: +94 71 8085410
Fax: +94-11 2697299
E-mail: sas-ia[at]


Mrs. T.M.N.K. Thennakoon
Assistant Director
Telephone: +94-11 2689123 (Extension - 203)
Fax: +94-11 2697229



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