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Internal Administration Division


To become an exemplary and excellent administrative unit of the public service in Sri Lanka


Ensuring a qualitative service from administration division by way of providing staff and infrastructure facilities in the maximum and productive way to maintain the performance of the Ministry at higher standard and maintaining necessary coordination direction and control


  • Creating a physical environment which is helpful to uplift the quality of the Ministry and maintaining the same.
  • Maintaining optimum staff with higher standards which suit to the objectives and functions of the Ministry
  • Provision and maintenance of utility services in a continuous and productive way (Security and Janitorial Services)
  • Establishment and maintenance of proper coordination with the institutions
  • Upliftment of the welfare facilities of the staff
  • Upliftment of overall administration, direction and evaluation of the Ministry


  • Delivery of letters received from parliamentary consultative committees/ public petition committees/ political victimization committee on the same day and taking action to send replies on due date.
  • Ensuring the efficiency in the daily tappol (sending and receiving)
  • Organization of  monthly meetings of staff officers
  • Providing auditorium facility depending on the requests made for reservation
  • Organization of public day on every Wednesday
  • Organization of ceremonies within the division
  • Carrying out tender activities in relation to maintenance and transport division of the Ministry wherever necessary
  • Taking action within three days regarding the letter of request which are made for nomination of representatives to interview boards and committees
  • Carrying out establishment activities relevant to Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration
  • Preparation of newspaper bills for officers and settling telephone bills within three days of receipt
  • Providing official identity cards to the officers in the Ministry
  • Coordination of activities relating to elections when they are held
  • Initiating tender procedures three months before the lapse of the term of the agreements for security and janitorial services and making agreements with appropriate institutions
  • Provision of infrastructure facilities of the Ministry in an efficient and productive way, maintenance and development, preparation of estimates joining with relevant institutions regarding buildings and other maintenance activities, inviting bids, obtaining services and carrying out services
  • Reserving pool vehicles on the order of request made for transport facilities on priority
  • Registration of all the vehicles of the Ministry and renewal of insurance before due date, assigning vehicles to the officers depending on their request and post
  • Taking action as per FR 104 and 105 regarding the accidents occurred to the vehicles and informing the accounts division
  • Paying rates before 31st January of each year for the buildings belonging to the Ministry
  • Attaching officers to relevant divisions who report for duty at the Ministry on appointment or transfer, once relevant letters are submitted
  • Maintaining personal files of the staff of the Ministry and carrying out establishment activities such as transfers and promotions
  • Appointment of the temporary staff of Hon Ministers taking their qualifications into consideration
  • Issuing monthly railway season tickets and railway warrants
  • Referring duly perfected applications to Agrahara Insurance division within three days
  • Referring requests of officers for overtime and travelling expenses at the end of every month after granting approval
  • Referring the documents pertaining to distress loan, property loan and cycle loan requested by officers of the Ministry after granting approval
  • Providing training opportunities to the staff depending on the requests
  • Recruitment of trainees and attaching them to suitable divisions
  • Filing the particulars of approved staff at the end of every month after making necessary updating.

Organization Structure

Contact Information

Mrs. R.M.I. Rathnayake
Additional Secretary
Telephone - +94-11 2695150 (Inter com 200)
Residence - +94-11 2704526
Mobile - +94-71 4434394
Fax - +94-11 2689407
E-mail - adsecia[at]


Mr. Shantha Weerasingha
Senior Assistant Secretary
Telephone - +94-11 2692633 (Inter com 205)
Residence - +94 11 23159051
Mobile - +94 71 8085410
Fax - +94-11 2697299
E-mail - sas-ia[at]


Ms. P.C.R. Wijewardane
Assistant Secretary (Admin)
Telephone - +94-11 2694913 (Inter com 207)
Residence - +94-33 3335525
Mobile - +94-71 8505780
Fax - +94-11 2697299
E-mail - asia-a[at]


Mrs.T.C. Ganegoda
Civil Engineer
Telephone - +94-11 2698431 (Inter com 208)
Residence -
Mobile - +94 71 8624228
Fax -
E-mail -eng-ia[at]


Assistant Secretary (Establishments)
Telephone - +94-11 2697304 (Inter com 206)
Residence - +94-
Mobile - +94-
Fax - +94-11 2697299
E-mail - asia-e[at]


Administrative Officer (Establishments)
Telephone - +94-11 3071134 (Inter com 209)
Residence - +94 11 5685382
Mobile - +94-71 4942493
Fax - +94-11 2697299
E-mail - ao-ia-e[at]


Administrative Officer
Telephone - +94-11 2698431 (Inter com 208)
Residence - +94-11 5685382
Mobile - +94-71 4942493
Fax - +94-11 2697299
E-mail - as-ia-a[at]


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