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Investigation and Research Division

"Reality through Third Eye"

This division has been established in order to investigate and submit recommendations with regard to the complaints related to the Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs and Departments and institutions under the Ministry.


Becoming the main, efficient and productive division in Sri Lanka which is active in eradicating corruption and malpractices in the public service


Resisting and acting against the corruption and malpractices, advising, submitting proposals and implementing them in order to ensure the maintenance of a qualitative District and Divisional administrative structure required for the good governance in the public service.

Investigation functions

Investigating the complaints of corruption and malpractices made against the institutions of the Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs, i.e.

  • All the District Secretariats/ Divisional Secretariats/ Grama Niladhari Offices in the island
  • Department of Pensions
  • Department of Registrar General
  • Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration


  • Making aware the relevant divisions to rectify the injustice occurred to any party and submitting recommendations to take disciplinary actions against the responsible officers if there is any corruption or malpractice.
  • Providing necessary policies and proposals to administrative divisions in order to eliminate/minimize corruption and malpractices

Operational Activities

  • Investigation of the activities of District Secretariats/Divisional Secretariats/ Grama Niladhari Offices
  • Sending the investigation report to the heads of institutions on identified weaknesses and informing the divisions of District Administration/ Divisional Administration/ Grama Niladhari Administration for follow up.

Organization Structure

Head of the Division

Mrs. B.M.M.M. Basnayaka
Additional Secretary (Investigation and Monitoring)
Tel - +94-11 2676433 (Extension- 165)
Fax - +94-11 2698429
e-mail - adsecinvesti[at]



Mr. Thilak N. Hettiarachchi
Senior Assistant Secretary (Investigation and Monitoring)
Tel - +94-11 2691062 (Extension- 167)
Fax - +94-11 2667277
e-mail - sas-investi[at]



Mrs. K.G.S Lakmali
Assistant Secretary
Tel - +94 -11 2166166 (Extension- 168)
Fax -
e-mail - as-investi[at]



Mr. V.Thavarasa
Assistant Secretary
Tel - +94 11 5657857 / +94 11 2696211-13 (Extension- 168)
Fax -
e-mail - as-investi2[at]



Mrs. S.M. Suneetha Jayamenike
Administrative Officer
Tel - +94 -11-2650166 (Extension- 289)
Fax -
e-mail -ao-investi[at]


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